IrisAccess Case Studies

//IrisAccess Case Studies

IrisAccess Case Studies

See what our product does and where it is used.

York County Prison

Recognizing for Book and Release in Real Time.

InSide Lite IS software and IrisAccess7000 iris recognition solution.

While fingerprinting has played a significant role in law enforcement and forensics for more than a century, iris recognition is

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Albany International Airport

First Airport in US is Also First to Go Iris.

  • Albany was the first airport in the United States to commit to iris recognition as an airside and landside security method as TSA/DHS revamped security in
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Nine Zero Hotel, Boston

Iris Identification Technology at Nine Zero Hotel, Boston 

The Nine Zero Hotel in Boston, one of Kimpton Hotels newest luxury, boutique properties, is the first hotel in the world to choose Iris ID’s IrisAccess technology. The

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Secure Key Tracking

For access to the keys for some of the most secure facilities in the world. 

Iris ID IrisAccess solutions are deployed for access to the keys for some of the most secure

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DRFortress Data Center

Iris recognition protects Hawaii’s premier digital fort. 

Designed for Resilience, The Fort is Hawaii’s largest Class A shared data center featuring “24/7” secure operations and is the only commercial Internet exchange in

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