INTERVIEW: Iris ID’s Mohammed Murad on Biometrics, Healthcare and ISC West

FindBiometrics Managing Editor Peter Counter recently interviewed Mohammed MuradVice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Iris ID. The conversation begins on the topic of recent

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Enterprise Organizations Seek End-to-End Security Solutions

By Mohammed Murad, Iris ID Vice President Global Sales and Business Development, for American Security Today

Any enterprise organization has to approach security on two fronts – physical and the logical. Until recently, there’s been little

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Iris ID Wins SIA New Product Showcase Award






Mohammed Murad (right), vice president global sales and development for Iris ID, accepts the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase award from Rand Price, chief operations

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4 Reasons to Install Biometric Access Controls for Smart Homes

Iris/eye scanner biometrics are cool, proven, affordable and simple to install in smart home access control applications.
By Mohammed Murad

Highly accurate biometric technology, once found exclusively in military and other secretive

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Iris ID biometric system selected by UAE retailer for time and attendance

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  • Headline: “Iris ID biometric system selected by UAE retailer for time
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Biometrics Prove Best For Preventing Time & Attendance Fraud

Security technology is increasingly being used to help organizations tackle challenges going far beyond controlling access to office buildings and monitoring parking lot activity.

Vice President Global

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The Airport Security Shortcut That Isn’t PreCheck

Clear, a private trusted-traveler program, is expanding thanks to longer TSA lines and a Delta linkup, Scott McCartney writes.
A key element in the Transportation Security Administration’s strategy to manage security lines is to get millions

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Indian national identity program tops one billion enrollees

Using iris-recognition biometric technology, India’s Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) has registered in excess of one billion citizens in a national identity program. Iris ID, a leading provider of iris biometric technology, has been involved in

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A Vote For Iris

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.” When St. Jerome expressed these sentiments centuries ago, he couldn’t have imagined that his words would apply

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Using an Iris for Time and Attendance

By Mohammed Murad  |  Nov 01, 2015

At the peak of El Salvador’s sugar harvesting and processing season, the Ingenio Azucarero Injiboa mill in San Vicente becomes incredibly busy as hundreds of employees change shifts throughout

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