iData™ Software Development Kit (SDK)


iData SDK provides the Application Programming Interface (API) to generate IrisCodes from the iris images for enrollment and to match an iris image against an array of IrisCodes for identification. It also provides interfaces to crop an iris image and to compress an image using image compression techniques such as JPEG, JPEG 2000 and PNG. It supports ISO iris image interchange formats such as uncompressed, cropped, cropped and masked and polar image formats.

Image quality assessments tools are integral part of iData SDK development environment. iData SDK performs analysis of multiple parameters to assign a scalar quality score to each image based on the characteristics derived from ISO/IEC 29794-6 and ISO/ICE 19794:6-2011. Additionally, it provides a wide array of image quality metrics such as focus, visibility, gaze, SNR, pupil shape, contrast, pupil dilation, texture, ISO margin, motion blur, resolution and Eyeness™.

Image Quality Feature Set

  • Provide actionable feedback to improve quality of image capture
  • Performs quality analysis and ensure compliance to ISO standards
  • High correlation of quality score with matching performance helps reduce error rates
  • Platform independent