Since the earliest days of our involvement in iris recognition technology, Iris ID has advocated use of open architecture and standards in the products and software we produce. From data formats, data transfer, data security, and safety, we build in adherence to standards. Iris ID is an active participant in the discourse on standards and how they impact technology development and deployment.

Data Formats

  • Rectilinear and Non-Segmented/Segmented Polar.


Iris Images

  • Iris ID supports generation of iris images in M1/SC37 approved ISO standard configurations that include both rectilinear images and a more memory-friendly non-segmented polar image option (see iDAta Eclipse software, for a description of a tool offered for precisely this configuration.)
  • Iris ID is in favor of providing customers the option of safely saving iris images for future use in other programs or with other algorithms that may become available.


  • Iris ID offers a solution to wrap images or templates in the standard Common Biometric Exhange File Format.

Safety Standards

  • Iris ID products conform to CE, IEC 608251-1, UL 294, and UL 60950-1.
  • The subtle illumination from LED’s to provide non-intrusive capture of iris images behind wet, reflective convex surface of the visible eye is well within UL and ANSI prescribed standards for eye safety in both US and International markets.