iCAM T10


Product Literature


    • High Speed Dual Iris Capture
    • USB Powered
    • Orientation Sensor
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Standard Tripod Mount
    • Standards Compliant Hardware and Software
    • Integrated Cable Management
    • Detachable Visor for easy care/cleaning
  • IP54 Compliant – Dust and Water Resistant

Iris ID (formerly LG Iris) has been producing commercial iris recognition systems since 1997. In thousands of locations, IrisAccess® authenticates the iris identity of more persons than all other iris platforms combined. Iris ID’s rich experience in iris recognition is exemplified in the iCAM T10. Previous handheld iris recognition systems required significant cooperation and for a subject to remain completely motionless in order to capture high quality iris images. Iris ID has developed a series of algorithms which provide the capability to capture iris images in any environment.

High Speed – Dual Iris capture

The iCAM T10 performs high-speed dual iris capture and outputs high quality ISO standards compliant images. Both eyes can be simultaneously imaged utilizing the USB2.0 interface. The T10 provides an unparalleled intuitive user interface, which makes the process easier for the subject and operator. The T10 is also equipped with an orientation sensor and left and right iris capture management controls which can be selected prior to or during the process.

IP54 Reliability and Certifications

The iCAM T10 conforms to IP54 standards for water, humidity, and dust resistance. The elastomeric material and design of the T10 further enhances its durability allowing for easy cleaning. The T10 meets or exceeds CE, FCC, and Eye Safety industry certification standards.

How to Operate

Fully automatic dual iris image capture and quality analysis routines are available as a part of the Iris ID SDK API set for the field application of the iCAM T10. An illustration of the iris capture process is shown below.


Tech Specs

iCAM T10
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.55″ x 6.56″ x 2.61″ (191.7mm x 166.5mm x 66.2mm)
Weight 0.96lb (0.44kg) – Camera Unit: 0.58lb, Sun Visor: 0.38lb
Power Input USB Bus Powered
Iris Camera 1.2MP Auto & Manual Dual Iris Capture with B&W Image Sensor
Iris Capture Range 4.92” (125mm)
Interface High Speed USB 2.0
Indication External Green LED for Power Indication & Internal Green LED
for Right Eye Positioning. Beep Sound (Optional by Application)
Usability Detachable Visor for cleaning the front window
IP54 for Dust and Water Resistant
Operating Temperature 32°F ~ 122°F (0°C ~ 50°C)
Storage Temperature -4°F ~ 203°F (-20°C ~ 95°C)
Humidity 0 ~ 95% Non-condensing
Certifications CE, FCC, KC, Eye Safety, ISO Standard, KISA