IrisAccess® technology secures laboratories and hazardous materials.

IrisAccess iCAM technology can work through many goggles, hazardous suits and does not require contact. Single, dual or three factor authentication are all available.

“Identification through biometrics is extremely critical throughout our laboratories.  We have installed Iris ID IrisAccess® where we need to meet the strictest requirements.  Our policies and the law require positive identification to ensure only the right people have access to the right labs, whether they are Biological –Level  2 ,3 or 4.  Proof of laboratory access and an automated audit trail confirm who was in the lab and for how long.  Two-man rules apply at all time for “max labs” or maximum containment labs.  Besides being assured that all these rules are enforced using biometrics, Iris ID’s iris recognition cameras can identify our lab personnel while they are still wearing safety goggles or protected completely inside hazardous material suits.  Lab personnel can trigger access doors and set alarms by just looking at the iris recognition cameras.”

Senior Director – Biohazard Materials and Research