Recognizing for Book and Release in Real Time.

InSide Lite IS software and IrisAccess7000 iris recognition solution.

While fingerprinting has played a significant role in law enforcement and forensics for more than a century, iris recognition is gaining favor and expanding. Inmate identification, transfer and even visitor management are all using Iris ID IrisAccess® technology. York County in the state of PA, a customer for over 10 years, has recently deployed the newest IrisAccess7000 series solution combined with InSide Lite IS software to speed inmate identity. With a database of over 90,000 records, matching against historical data has proven very helpful. 2012.

“We have been using Iris ID’s IrisAccess technology for several years now in our 2000 bed facility for accurate inmate identification. We have a database of over 35,000 inmates networked between two separate iris identification stations and can identify inmates being booked or released in under a few seconds. We can register new inmates very quickly and eliminate improper releases of inmates once they have been processed. The IrisAccess system is simple to use for the operators and inmates. The speed of identification is most valuable for individuals that return to our prison as it helps to quickly identify repeat offenders. We consider the technology to be a vital tool in helping to safeguard the facility and population and are exploring additional uses of the iris technology such as visitor check in and authentication.”

Warden Thomas Hogan, York County Prison, PA, 2004.