Cranbury, NJ – September 10, 2009, – LG Electronics USA Inc. Iris Technology Division (LGIRIS), the leading provider of iris recognition solutions, today announced the next generation IrisAccess™ SoHo which transforms an access control device into a smart, convenient and improved performance security solution. IrisAccess SoHo is a flexible state-of-the art iris, pin, or card authentication solution. IrisAccess SoHo is designed to perform rapid and accurate iris authentication. Features include, on board storage, extensible memory, TCP/IP connectivity and a color LCD display.

“IrisAccess SoHo is a great step forward in iris recognition technology and brings tremendous value to customers as physical access control systems evolve and converge with other building management and communication devices,” said Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Business Development LG IRIS. “Feedback from our integrator channel is extremely positive and demand is strong among customers for the LG IRIS access control products based on IrisAccess.”

The product’s are available now, and will be demonstrated at ASIS 09 and BCC 09 offering exceptional customer value by:

  • Integrated access control functions for a convenient, secure and versatile platform. System can be dynamically adjusted to meet varying authentication needs. A full color 8inch LCD touch screen shows real-time notifications and enables system management. Intuitive functionality and storage for transaction logs offer comprehensive access reporting.
  • Ensuring optimal results each time with faster matching speeds over other biometric devices. IrisAccess SoHo makes a quantum leap in iris biometric capabilities, now capable of matching by using iris, pin or card.
  • Reduced Installation and maintenance costs. IrisAccess SoHo enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership dramatically with an underlying framework that is easily integrated with exiting door locks and wiegand based access control systems, designed to be future-ready, streamlined for easy installation and ongoing maintenance. LG IRIS utilizes the highest-quality and durable components for maximum up-time and extended product life. IrisAccess SoHo solution is backward compatible, eliminating the need to re-enroll existing customers in an event where upgrade may be necessary.

“IrisAccess SoHo provides so much more than any other biometric access control devices; it provides the right balance of security and convenience for each specific location. The level of authentication can be dynamically adjusted to meet customer requirements.” said Sam Shalaby, President and CEO AFSC Future Security Controls of Ottawa, an LG IRIS partner. “Furthermore, IrisAccess SoHo can be installed easily and the user friendly design makes it suitable for a wide range of customers.”

About LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division

LG Electronics, a principal component of South Korea’s LG Corp. has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997. Today the US-based LG Iris Technology Division has global responsibility for all of the Company’s iris recognition activities. LG IrisAccess® is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons. More people look to LG IrisAccess® for iris-based authentication than to all other iris recognition products combined. To find out more, visit