Industry leaders joint solution provides customers with unprecedented ID verification for managing frequent visitors and contractors and tenants

Cranbury, NJ and Needham MA, March 13, 2007 ? LG Electronics USA Iris Technology Division, producer of LG IrisAccess™, the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and EasyLobby, the industry leader in secure visitor management solutions, today announced availability of EasyLobby SVM 9.0 software that can incorporate iris recognition hardware and software technology from LG.

The solution affords enterprises both increased security control and more efficient handling of the visitor management process. With LG IrisAccess and the EasyLobby solution, the visitor enrollment process adds less than 15 seconds to the first time enrollment but can save time for returning individuals once enrolled. Use of LG IrisAccess in visitor management can also provide seamless integration with many access control systems to grant visitors appropriate access rights. On subsequent visits to a facility, the integration of EasyLobby and LG IrisAccess enables most of the visitor recognition and badging process to be automated.

“More and more of our customers are requesting a way to use biometrics to reduce the time it takes to process frequent visitors and contractors,” said Howard Marson, CEO of EasyLobby. “Having looked at integrating other biometrics, we were concerned about speed and reliability issues. LG’s IrisAccess system can meet the security and convenience requirements of our customers. Plus there is the added value of also allowing our joint customers to quickly and easily grant access to those visitors that require it, without having to issue proximity cards or barcodes, or expose the access control system to their guards or receptionists.”

David Johnston, V-P Worldwide Marketing for LG Electronics Iris Technology Division said “Companies now have a visitor management option with an all-encompassing level of security, convenience and efficiency that’s been non-existent– until now. The kiosk-compatible design of IrisAccess iCAM 4000 also enables a self-service capability for much of this process. This process can free up time for busy reception and security personnel in the greeting area. The fact that Easy-Lobby seamlessly meshes with so many of the access control panels that IrisAccess also interfaces with definitely offers our customer base something new that I’m sure they’ll find of great value and interest.”

About LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division

LG Electronics, a principal component of South Korea’s LG Corp. has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997. Today the US-based LG Iris Technology Division has global responsibility for all of the Company’s iris recognition activities. LG IrisAccess® is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons. More people look to LG IrisAccess® for iris-based authentication than to all other iris recognition products combined. To find out more, visit