by AME Info

The latest software breakthrough from global and regional digital leader LG Electronics will help both business and government in the Middle East to meet the growing security challenge, according to top company officials.

An Arabic language version of the latest generation LG IrisAccess 3000 authentication technology was unveiled today at the region’s biggest information technology exhibition, Gitex.

LG IrisAccess 3000 allows for full-proof biometric identification by analysing the unique pattern of the human iris, and the system’s new Arabic software launched today in Dubai will make the invaluable technology more accessible for security professionals across the region.

UAE border control officials already use the LG platform to effectively combat visa fraudsters, and it is also popular with oil companies and large corporations in the Middle East looking to safeguard important infrastructure and the welfare of employees.

‘LG is the only iris biometric authentication technology manufacturer to offer an Arabic software package, and this clearly demonstrates its commitment to the Middle East and responsiveness to local market needs,’ said Mohammed Murad, Director of Sales and Business Development at LG Electronics USA Inc., LG Iris Technology Division.

‘With the new software, all menu lists are in Arabic as well as all audio instructions, making for greater ease of use in a variety of security applications, including border control, building security, transportation security for airlines and airports, and security for the prison and judicial system.

The technology also boasts world-class inter-operability, so as further advances are made in the industry existing data can be transferred or integrated without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

LG IrisAccess 3000 is compatible with existing security systems and is user friendly. A person glances into a camera and the biometric technology captures the iris pattern, digitally processes it into a 512-byte IrisCode™ record, compares it to those in a database, and automatically makes the authentication without the need for PIN numbers, passwords or cards.

Murad continued: ‘LG IrisAccess 3000 is about powerful, passive, positive security ? and speed. It guarantees reliable authentication by analysing the pattern of the human iris, which remains unchanged from birth until death; fingerprint patterns can change over time. The technology is also ‘spoof proof’. In other words, it can spot attempts to beat the system.’

The available system configurations include fixed and remote optical units, enabling the authentication technology to be used everywhere from customs check-in desks to office entrances. With the new Arabic software, LG hopes to secure increasing sales from the private building sector.