by The Informed Traveler – Cal Simmons’ Guide to Luxury Travel

If you’ve picked up the latest issue of Vanity Fair, you probably noticed writer Victoria Mather’s picks for “The Best Of”– covering everything from hotels to martinis. Her award for “best room key” happened to go to Boston’s luxury Nine Zero Hotel. Why do they get this honor? Nine Zero Hotel features the Cloud Nine Suite, a 1065 square foot space that includes breathtaking views of Boston and the Charles River, a deluxe king size bedroom, and floor to ceiling windows. Gorgeous in design, the suite is also the first of its kind to use an iris-scanning door entry system. Guests scan their right eye when they check in and again when entering their room. Staff must also use iris scans to unlock the staff entrance and log into the hotel at the beginning of each shift. Eye scans replacing key cards seem a little too futuristic? Maybe not. In the age of technology, with major concern being placed on security, this kind of system may just be here to stay.