SYDNEY, Oct 10, Asia Pulse – Argus Solutions Ltd has announced that the latest version of the LG IrisAccess 3000 has completed evaluation by the Australian government and has been approved under the Australian government’s Security and Construction Equipment Catalogue (SCEC) program.

The evaluation is conducted on behalf of the Australian government by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation’ s (ASIO) Protective Security Group (T4).

The ASIO T4 group tests and evaluates equipment before it is permitted to be used in government security applications. As such it forms a benchmark for performance across the security industry as a whole.

Argus Solutions Chief Technology Officer Mr Craig Smith said the ASIO evaluation and endorsement was a critical factor in conveying to the industry confidence in iris-enabled applications.

“Our rolling evaluation program with the T4 Group of this proven and effective technology is critical in assuring customers that claims about iris recognition technology are sound and that significant cost benefits accrue from the process improvement created within organisations using these applications,” he said in a press statement.

“ASIO conducts exhaustive and practical tests against the equipment. That the LG IrisAccess 3000 system joins the previous versions of LG IrisAccess 2200 in being SCEC endorsed is a positive outcome for us and for our clients.”

Evaluation of the product has been supported by the Iris Technology Division of LG Electronics, USA., Inc.

Mr. Moon Han, senior manager of product development at LG Electronics, USA. Inc., said the positive outcome of the test in the Australian environment by ASIO is a positive message for the whole iris market.

“We have built a strong product which we know meets even the toughest customer security demands. We are pleased that our design and execution on this product have satisfied the requirements of the Australian government and know that this outcome is a strong benchmark for our product in other countries.”

The LG Iris Access 3000 is an iris recognition system that is principally used in an access control environments on stand alone, or wholly integrated bases.

It has been installed in Australia in various environments and integrated with a variety of technologies and has been under trial with a number of government departments.

Customer installations and trials have successfully demonstrated just how readily the technology integrates.

“The integration, engineering and design costs have proven to be remarkably low whilst the process improvement savings created by this new technology have proven to be quite significant,” Mr. Smith said.

The LG IrisAccess 3000 product employs the core Daugman capture and matching software. According to Bruce Lyman, CEO at Argus Solution, this software is the benchmark for all iris recognition standards.

“To have an additional product added to the suite of Daugman based products is a strong endorsement for the iris market in particular, but also supports the growing confidence the market has in this biometric solution.”

About LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division

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