OPALi™ enabled units capture iris, facial and fingerprint in the field

Cranbury, N.J., USA – Sept. 11, 2017 – Iris ID, a leading provider of iris biometric technology, today announced two lightweight handheld mobile devices integrated with the OPALi™(opal-eye) iris recognition camera module providing fast and accurate multimodal enrollment and identification capabilities for field use by border control, customs, immigration, law enforcement and other officials. These products are being shown at the Mobile World Congress, booth N282 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Sept. 12-14.

The OPALi iris recognition camera module captures both eyes simultaneously at a distance of up to 36 cm (14 inches).  The module will be available with MIPI and USB interfaces.

Mohammed Murad, vice president global sales and business development for Iris ID, said the OPALi units produce high-quality images that are ideal for national ID, voter registration, entitlement and other large-scale programs needing to enroll and verify people in remote areas.

“Government agencies and other organizations are demanding new solutions in an increasingly mobile world,” he said. “The need for biometric enrollment and identification can’t always take place in a controlled environment. Our rugged dust- and water-resistant devices are flexible and convenient, allowing agents and officers to capture biometric data whenever and wherever their jobs take them.”

The OPALi enabled RP1000 offers iris, facial and fingerprint capture along with a magnetic swipe card reader in an IP54 smart PDA device. The unit also includes an MRZ reader to verify ePassports and other travel documents. Multiple wireless and cellular connectivity options, also GPS, are included. With its built-in matching capabilities, the RP1000 is also perfect for access control and workforce management applications. The unit weighs only 8.8 ounces. The RP1000 will ship in the first quarter of 2018.

The OPALi enabled RP70 is a ruggedized 7-inch display tablet weighing less than 4 pounds and provides the same broad connectivity options as the RP1000. A FBI-certified multi-fingerprint scanner is embedded and a hot swappable battery is included.

Murad said Iris ID used its 20 years of biometric industry experience in the design of the OPALi iris recognition camera module.

“We are very excited to engage with OEM partners to bring OPAL-enabled devices to the market for mobile applications,” he said.

The OPAL iris recognition camera module units will be available to OEM partners in December 2017.



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