One of El Salvador’s biggest sugar mills has been outfitted with a biometric time and attendance tracking system iCAM7100, developed by Iris ID. The sugar mill is deploying its iris-based identification technology at the Ingenio Azucarero Injiboa sugar mill in San Vicente.

Using the iCAM7100 time and attendance solution, the sugar mill registers all permanent and temporary employees during harvest time.

One of the major issues for the miller has been that during peak production its many employees can end up working multiple shifts around the clock, day and night. As such, employee administration could be very complex and time-consuming, with increased risk of fraudulent work records being produced as well.

The mill’s administrative, technical and security personnel also use the system.

The mill officials chose iCAM7100 after comparing other biometric technologies including face recognition, fingerprint recognition and hand geometry, according to Faucy Brand, CEO for El Salvadorbased ScreenCheck, the security integrator that helped to install the system.

“The mill needed a system offering speed, high accuracy, reliable performance and secure operations in very demanding environment,” said Brand.

“Mill officials are very satisfied with the Iris ID iCAM7100 as it has been the only technology proven to work with the entire company employee population.”

Upon installing the Iris ID solution, the mill’s employees were registered quickly without experiencing any issues, said Joel Moran, head of information systems development for Ingenio Azucarero Injiboa.

Iris ID’s iCAM7000 system can authenticate mill employees in under a second, all without the use of timecards or badges.

During the identification process, the iCAM7100’s communication panel displays the time and date, as well as the employee’s ID number, facilitating effective communication with management.

The system eliminates potential errors related to manually calculating employee hours, while preventing costly “buddy punching” as it identifies workers based on their unique iris biometric characteristics, said Mohammed Murad, global business development and sales for Iris ID.

“The iCAM7100 is a practical and precise time and attendance solution for operations ranging from sugar mills to clean rooms,” Murad said, “The system reduces payroll and administrative costs and eliminates time fraud. It also provides a high return on investment by eliminating the cost associated with administering and managing access cards.”

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