Washington DC, October 1, 2003– Athens International Airport, the gateway to Greece, will deploy and showcase a access control system featuring LG Electronics produced IrisAccess 3000 system.

The LG IrisAccess 3000 platform was selected for deployment by integrator Dartagnan Biometric Solutions, a Netherlands-based company specializing in biometric technologies. Athens International Airport selected Dartagnan because of its expertise and experience in designing and implementing iris recognition technology-based security solutions. The firm has successfully deployed LG IrisAccess in security solutions for two of the world’s largest airports: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and New York John F. Kennedy International Airport-Terminal 4. Dartagnan has utilized LG’s technology for physical security at airports as well as in a passenger processing/border crossing application and know first hand that LG IrisAccess 3000 provides a level of authentication and security unmatched by any other system.

Iris – which provide human authentication based on a person’s unique pattern of the iris (colored ring around the pupil) to provide robust authentication. Dartagnan will integrate the LG IrisAccess platform with the existing Honeywell employee access control system. The iris template will be stored on employee’s smart-cards.

Inna Ratieva, Executive Vice-President of Dartagnan stated, “we are delighted with the Athens International Airport’s agreement. Iris identification is considered to be an outstanding security system, not only for use by employees, but in many other applications such as cargo areas, and by passengers as well.”

According to Mohammed Murad, Director of Sales and Business Development for LG Electronics’ Iris Technology Division “airports worldwide are concerned about potential security lapses that could stem from compromised PINS, lost cards, even missing people with airport security privileges. LG IrisAccess 3000 provides a cost effective way of adding a robust security overlay to a legacy system. We are very pleased to be part of the solution at Athens, which should get good visibility in the run-up to next year’s Olympic Games.”

About LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division

LG Electronics, a principal component of South Korea’s LG Corp. has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997. Today the US-based LG Iris Technology Division has global responsibility for all of the Company’s iris recognition activities. LG IrisAccess® is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons. More people look to LG IrisAccess® for iris-based authentication than to all other iris recognition products combined. To find out more, visit www.lgiris.com.