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ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W Products End of Life November 30, 2013

End of Life Reminder December 5th, 2013 To Whom Ever it May Concern, Iris ID Systems Inc., is issuing a reminder for the end-of-sale and end-of-life for the ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W devices. ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W Products End of Life November 30, 2013 Iris ID Systems Inc. announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the

December 5th, 2013|FAQ Knowledge Base | Hardware|

Eye Safety Certification of iCAM7000 series cameras

As with all Iris ID products, the iCAM7000 series iris cameras have been tested and certified to be safe for use, and will not cause harm to the user’s eyes. The technology used in our iris cameras are the same used in a typical digital camera. The illumination provided by the iris camera, for enhancing

April 8th, 2013|FAQ Knowledge Base | Hardware|

Differences iCAM4000 and iCAM7000 Series Camera Units

What are the differences between an iCAM4000 Series unit and an iCAM7000 Series unit? Comparison Chart: iCAM4000 v iCAM7000/iCAM7100 FEATURES iCAM4000 series iCAM7000 series iCAM7100 series Dimensions 8.6"x6.5"x3.2" 7.01" x 8.31" x 2.52" 7.01" x 8.31" x 2.52" Weight 4.4 lbs 3.5lbs 3.5lbs Power Input 12 VDC @2A 12~24 VDC, @2A 12~24 VDC, @2A Voice

October 25th, 2011|FAQ Knowledge Base | Hardware|

Unit Certifications for IrisAccess 4000 products

Unit Certifications for IrisAccess 4000 products The iCAM4000, iCAM4100, ICU4300, DCU4000, and all model variations are certified for CE, UL60950 and UL 294. See the attachments below for certification reports. File Attachment(s): 05_IRIS_DCU4000_SAF_CB_IT_final.pdf (File size:4.84MB) 05_IRIS_iCAM4100_SAF_CB_IT_final.pdf (File size:4.84MB) 05_IRIS_ICU4300_SAF_CB_IT_final.pdf (File size:6.83MB)

May 22nd, 2006|FAQ Knowledge Base | Hardware|

UL 60950, UL 294 for the LG4000 product line

UL 60950-1: 2003, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.60950-00 See attachment for confirmation of UL 60950, UL 294 testing for the LG4000 product Line File Attachment(s): Confirmation_Letter.pdf (File size:25.7KB) UL 294 Confirmation Letter.pdf (File size:26.4KB)

May 18th, 2006|FAQ Knowledge Base | Hardware|