End of Life Reminder

December 5th, 2013

To Whom Ever it May Concern,

Iris ID Systems Inc., is issuing a reminder for the end-of-sale and end-of-life for the ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W devices.

ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W Products End of Life November 30, 2013

Iris ID Systems Inc. announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W. This announcement includes all enclosures and accessories for the ICU4000s. This EOL covers all devices that precede the new generation IrisAccess7000/7100 series and ICU7000.

All ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W’s will no longer be available for sale effective 30 November 2013. Support for the above mentioned devices will be available for five years from the EOL date. For products under warranty and submitted for repair during the EOL lifecycle timeframe, parts and components may become obsolete by 3rd party vendors. In these cases Iris ID Systems will repair or replace with a product of equal value and performance.

Product Migration Options
Iris ID Systems Inc. recommends that customers using ICU4000R and ICU4000R-W with iCAM4000 and iCAM4100 series products and any prior generations review the advanced new generation IrisAccess7000 series. Iris ID Inc. will work with our partners and customers to review available options. The new IrisAccess7000 series offers many advantages and will support current iris templates and existing databases. The IrisAccess7000 series has been designed to be backwards compatible with earlier IrisAccess generations. Products specifications, new features and examples of transition scenarios can be found at www.IrisID.com .