As with all Iris ID products, the iCAM7000 series iris cameras have been tested and certified to be safe for use, and will not cause harm to the user’s eyes. The technology used in our iris cameras are the same used in a typical digital camera. The illumination provided by the iris camera, for enhancing the detail of the iris image, is low power LED (Light Emitting Diode) light which is similar to that used on a television remote control.

See attachments below for certification and declaration of conformity of eye safety and product safety for the iCAM7000 series iris cameras.

CEDOCiCAM7100.pdf = Declaration of Conformity EN60950-1 – ETL Laboratory
IECSafety7000.pdf = IEC 62471 – KTL Laboratory

File Attachment(s):
CEDOCiCAM7100.pdf (File size:1.09MB)
IECSafety7000.pdf (File size:96.4KB)