Common Wiegand Problems

Often, receiving an incorrect, or perhaps even no wiegand output to your access control Panel can be a result of several factors. Most often, this problem is a result of either an incorrect software, or hardware setup. Read the below items to become familiar with the most common wiegand setup related problems and how to overcome them.

1. The Card ID is missing or incorrectly assigned when the user was enrolled.

If no “card ID” was entered at the time of enrollment, you can add a Card ID to the enrolled user by editing the enrolled users provide within the IrisManager application. To do this, find the enrolled user within the IrisManager program and right click, then select modify. Add the Card ID for the user and hit OKAY or APPLY.

Additionally, if a Card ID is entered for an enrolled active user, it is necessary to make sure that the Access Control panel (device that will be receiving the wiegand signal as its input) has been configured to match the Card ID number. Additional information regarding Access Control Panel Settings and its wiegand Input should be obtained directly from the company or manufacturer of the Access Control Panel Directly.

2. The ICU4000 Series controller unit has not been properly configured within the IrisICUAdmin4000 Application.

It is necessary to configure the ICU4000 such that it has been enabled for wiegand Output (“Use wiegand as output MUST be selected from the IrisICUAdmin4000 Application for each and any channel that will require such output). Also, because in many cases multiple output options are available (either through the ICU when a Wiegand Interface Board, also known as WIB board is available within the ICU4000, or when a DCU4000 unit is available). Additionally, when using IrisAccess EAC ver. 3.01.x or above, available wiegand output from the iCAM4000 series camera units are available directly from the back of the camera unit). Selecting the appropriate option for Wiegand output is needed to receive a proper output signal. Follow the following answer link for details on how to setup this Wiegand output through the IrisICUAdmin4000 to best match your Wiegand output methods.

3. The ICU4000 Series controller unit has additional settings that have not been properly configured within the IrisICUAdmin4000 application.

Specifically, within the IrisICUAdmin4000 Configuration section, an option for the type of Card Format is available. Make sure that the appropriate option type has been selected and configured for your installation location that matches the card format that will be used. Additionally, make sure that the “How” you are performing the output is correct as explained in #2 above – making sure that if you are trying to use an iCAM4000 Series camera unit to output Wiegand for instance, that the iCAM selection has been enabled from within the appropriate channel of the IrisICUAdmin4000 Configuration for that ICU4000 unit.

4. Incorrect Wiring and physical connections.

A physical connection is needed to go to the Access Control Panel/Wiegand Input device in order to provide a Wiegand signal from our system. The most common physical connection errors encountered are below:

A. Reversed Data 0 and Data 1 Wires.
B. No Ground Connection has been connected.
C. For ICU4300 Series units ONLY – No voltage Pull-up power has been provided.

Review all of these common mistakes often encountered during a new or modified installation when experiencing problems with Wiegand output from an IrisAccess System.