Accurately authenticating a person’s identity has never been more important at border crossings, airports, critical infrastructure and many other public and private sites for boarding an airplane, voting, conducting financial transactions – even getting paid for work. That’s why we’re seeing a huge increase in the use of biometric devices at many locations.

Come see how these technologies are making a difference at the Connect ID Expo 2020, March 11-12, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. As a gold sponsor of the show, we’re proud to sponsor the Connect ID app enabling those attending to use their smartphones to connect with fellow meeting attendees, schedule meetings and more.

Stop by the Iris ID booth (#413) for a demonstration of many innovative Iris ID solutions. See our new prototype reader easily mountable at any e-Gate. It is capable of simultaneously performing iris and facial captures while panning and tilting to accommodate people of different heights, including those in wheelchairs.

Other solutions include the iCAM TD100A, a USB handheld, multimodal device used to enroll and authenticate a person’s identity in the field. We’ll also be showcasing the iCAM M300 with its embedded cameras for simultaneous capture of both iris and facial modes. The device also has an available snap-on Sherlock fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics. Iris ID’s OU75 camera module is being used by law enforcement to accurately identify prisoners prior to release and by airports worldwide to authenticate passengers at security checkpoints.

Also, our Tim Meyerhoff will be part of several presentations on topics including how government and law enforcement are using biometrics; the current and future direction of face and iris quality; and the deployment of multimodal identification devices. Here’s a link to download the conference agenda.