Safety and security, especially at our national borders, have become increasingly important due to the record number of people entering the U.S.  According to the National Sheriff’s Association, year-to-date 200,000 people have avoided law enforcement detection and entered local communities. The use of biometric technology gives officers the ability to quickly and accurately identify travelers at security checkpoints, helping to reduce the likelihood of travelers facing long lines during the entry process. This efficiency will free up the time and resources of federal agencies, such as Customs and Border Patrol and local law enforcement agencies, to locate and apprehend those who enter illegally or commit crimes.

Biometric technology is a great asset and has many uses at the federal, state and local levels. Use cases include enforcing federal laws, granting verification for visa applications to the U.S, administering correct immigration benefits and stopping illegal entry.  Police departments can use biometrics to track time & attendance at the local level, monitor transportation and immigration, and permit access control to sensitive locations. Additionally, biometric technology offers interagency shareability. As an example, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shares information with the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other law enforcement agencies to help reduce illegal immigration and crime in the U.S.

Iris ID’s iris recognition products, such as the iCAM R100, are used by many law enforcement agencies globally, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, York County (Pennsylvania.) Sheriff’s Office and New South Wales (Australia) Department of Corrective Service. These agencies can submit a person’s biometric data to verify identity against state and federal criminal databases and quickly learn the complete history during contact or the intake process.

To see a demonstration of iCAM R100 and inquire about other Iris ID products, visit us at the National Sheriff’s Association’s National Conference and Exhibition, June 22-24 at the Phoenix Convention Center, booth #114.