By Mohammed Murad

Regulations or compliance issues are major drivers for corporate and government organizations requesting biometric-equipped smart lockers and key management cabinets from Real Time Networks, according to the company’s vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships.

“These organizations want a bullet-proof solution to make sure people can’t bypass security systems by using a borrowed access card or PIN,” said Shannon Arnold. “They need audit trails to be 100% accurate.”

That’s why Real Time Networks began last year to integrate the flexibility, convenience and security of Iris ID’s iris-based authentication readers. Arnold said major users include correctional institutions, data centers and pharmaceuticals and IT companies.

“In addition to the heightened security, they’re also attracted by the smooth and easy enrollment process and the little training required to use the iris-based readers,” Arnold said.

The identity of employees using Real Time Networks’ AssetTracer smart lockers and KeyTracer key management cabinets are authenticated through an intuitive interface that integrates Iris ID’s iCAM R100 readers with PINs, access control cards and RFID fobs.

The iCAM R100 captures the iris, the colored part of the eye surrounding the pupil and unique to each person, to quickly and accurately identify people from 15 inches away. The readers are non-contact, so they are not affected by dirt, grease, gloves, facial hair, hats, glasses and other factors that reduce the accuracy of fingerprint and facial recognition systems.

Real Time Networks’ modular key management cabinets and electronic asset lockers employ custom modular designs to protect keys and other valuable assets used by law enforcement, utilities, manufacturing, government, correctional facilities, hospitality, gaming and many other industries.

(Mohammed Murad is vice president, global sales and business development, Iris ID.)