Quotes from Mohammed Murad in SDM magazine

Iris ID, Cranbury, N.J., is incorporating biometrics to provide an end-to-end access control solution that bridges both physical and logical security needs.

“Physical security has traditionally been focused on protecting assets such as people, facilities, equipment and inventory,” says Mohammed Murad, vice president of global development and sales, Iris ID. “That’s left the protection of logical assets in the hands of the IT department. Today’s enterprise organizations need the confidence that the person accessing an onsite workstation is authorized to do so. It no longer makes sense to maintain physical and logical security in separate silos. It’s time for an integrated approach; that is one reason why smart buildings are incorporating biometrics to provide an end-to-end solution.”

Iris readers and other biometrics can unlock the front entry to enable an approved employee to enter the building, access the elevators and enter appropriate offices. When integrated with software on the workstation, the reader also can assure only authorized employees access the computer, network and data.

Murad added that some smart buildings have even begun using iris-based recognition systems for employee time and attendance, making computing payroll, vacation time and benefits easier. (read more)