A recent video from the United States Marshals Service shows how Iris ID technology will be incorporated in booking stations operated in each of the agency’s 94 judicial districts across the country.
When installed, these stations will include the collection of a suspect’s fingerprints, facial photograph, iris capture, signature and other demographic information. All components shown on the video have been tested to assure compatibility with the overall system.
An Iris ID iris camera will be mounted on an adjustable arm enabling the operator to position the camera to capture iris images of suspects of various heights, including those in a wheelchair. The video shows the Iris ID R100 camera being used, but the agency has since selected the company’s iCAM TD100 cameras. The TD100 can capture both irises simultaneously as well as provide facial images.
The U.S. Marshals, created in 1789, is the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency, serving as the enforcement arm of the federal courts. The duties of its nearly 4,000 deputy marshals and criminal investigators include apprehending federal fugitives, operating the federal witness protection program and transporting federal prisoners.
Mohammed Murad, vice president global sales and business development, Iris ID, said the company is pleased to see the inclusion of iris authentication by the U.S. Marshals and also the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services as an accepted technology for accurately identifying criminal suspects and prisoners.
“Many of the 94 U.S. Marshals booking stations will be used dozens of time each day,” he said. “Iris ID technology has proven itself to be quick, accurate, and convenient in use by law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S and around the world.”