By Mohammed Murad

OSDP (Open Supervised Data Protocol) is now the industry’s gold standard for physical access control installations.

OSDP offers a higher security level with more use and integration options than the 40-year-old Wiegand protocol still widely used. The combination of Wiegand panels, readers and proximity cards is a hacker’s dream. With no signal data encryption between cards and readers, it’s easy to capture the information and create a duplicate card. That vulnerability has virtually every industry expert calling for a migration away from Wiegand technology.

We strongly support the use of OSDP with our access control products.

The OSDP encryption meets the highest security standards, complying with the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) guidelines set by the U.S. government. OSDP readers work with virtually all modern access control cards and IrisAccess™ iCAM7S iris readers from Iris ID. Visit the Security Industry Association’s website for a growing list of verified OSDP products.

Unlike the Wiegand protocol, OSDP provides secure, bi-directional communications enabling users to support multiple devices over a single port. User convenience is enhanced as an access panel can send information to the iCAM7S to show text on the device’s LCD display or create different LED light colors or buzzer sounds to indicate if access has been granted or denied.

“Our iCAM7S readers continue to work with the Wiegand protocol; however, an OSDP upgrade is the way for improved system security,” said Tim Meyerhoff, director, Iris ID. “You can upgrade iCAM7S software, but it’s important to note an updated system also may require an OSDP-compliant access panel.”

The cost to upgrade all Wiegand-based readers and access panels simultaneously is prohibitive for many organizations. A measured migration may be a better choice. Meyerhoff recommends beginning with a secure perimeter and moving indoors as budgets permit.

Contact your Iris ID sales representative for more information on migrating to OSDP or an iCAM7S OSDP software update.