With so many of us working remotely at the moment, many firms are looking for secure and reliable ways to log their employees in and out and connect hours worked with payroll.

In this HRchat interview, we consider tech available to hold employees accountable to the hours they’re supposed to put in and new ways to connect biometric recognition tools with time and attendance, and payroll.

Our guest this time is Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development at Iris ID. The tech firm’s latest tool, IrisTime, claims to provide a high ROI by eliminating costs associated with administering and managing punch, barcode, magnetic swipe or proximity cards and PINs.

The premise is that the accuracy of the biometric technology ensures the identity of an employee, eliminating the ability of employees to clock in for each other in a costly payroll fraud known as ‘buddy punching’.

“For more than 20 years, Iris ID has been the leading innovator of flexible and reliable iris authentication solutions,” says  Mohammed (but) “now, we are revolutionizing the time and attendance function with a biometric platform aimed at meeting many of the unprecedented challenges facing employers today. IrisTime is the time clock for the modern workforce”.