What is IrisTime™?

IrisTime™ is a fully customizable time and attendance platform designed to meet the needs of organizations small and large. It is a product of Iris ID, the global leader in iris recognition technology for 20 years. IrisTime enables the creation an application eco-system for the time and attendance market.  It designed to enable development of best-of-breed applications that will reside on the device.

How does it work?

The IrisTime platform uses dual biometric iris and face recognition capabilities to quickly, accurately and conveniently authenticate identities. Resident Android-based applications then process payroll and may calculate many other benefits such as health, disability and vacation.

Are apps currently ready for use with IrisTime?

IrisTime accommodates Android-based applications developed for time and attendance. The platform accommodates hundreds of current time and attendance apps available from Google Play and directly from many leading developers’ internet sites.

Will additional apps be available?

Major human resource solution providers and software developers can work with IrisTime’s open Android-based operating system to create new apps providing affordable solutions for basic or very specific requirements of virtually any organization. Iris ID will also work with innovative software vendors in the workforce management markets to create new time and attendance solutions. The fully customizable IrisTime platform also enables a user to design its own applications.

Is IrisTime easy to use?

Designed to be the timeclock for the modern workforce, IrisTime is an easy-to-use platform with fast auto focus and iris/face capture at distances of up to 24 inches. Identity authentication takes only a second.

Does Iris ID have experience with time and attendance solutions?

Iris ID currently provides iris-based authentication systems for leading time and attendance solution suppliers such as Paychex, SimplyWork and other global enterprise customers.

Does IrisTime offer development tools?

Iris ID provides a comprehensive set of development tools for the IrisTime iT100 TimeClock. The platform supports the RESTful application program interface (API) enabling the device to work as an on-demand data aggregator.  Well-documented examples to aid the development community are available.

Are there any device management tools available?

Device management tools will be part of the application console. IrisTime includes the iTMS (IrisTime Management Services) application to manage the device on networks.  iTMS functionality will also be available in API form to enable software developers to integrate device management in custom applications.

Does IrisTime support cloud architecture?

Yes, IrisTime is designed to support cloud-based applications.