In this podcast U.S. Border Patrol official, Jason Thompson, talks about the use of iris recognition at the border. Jason is an Assistant Chief with the United States Border Patrol, he has over 25 years of law enforcement and public safety experience.  He currently serves as the biometrics program manager for the Enforcement Systems Division, at Border Patrol Headquarters.  Mr. Thompson and his team have modernized the Border Patrol’s processing and biometric systems, continuously improving these systems based on the needs of the end-users and situational workloads.  Nationwide, Mr. Thompson deploys, and trains field Agents in the use of, current biometric technologies, as well as processing, targeting and intelligence systems.  Some of his more notable accomplishments include overseeing the development of Border Patrol’s mobile biometric collection device, e3 Mobile, and the implementation of Border Patrol’s DNA collection efforts for the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).