As we continue to track the COVID-19 coronavirus, the health and safety of Iris ID staff, customers and partners are our principal concern.  We are collecting information from sources worldwide, such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and many local and regional organizations to inform and shape our decisions.

Iris ID has taken these steps to ensure business stability along with the continued health and safety of our employees:

-We have required our employees to work from home, limiting their risk of exposure to the virus. Employees are using virtual meeting tools to conduct internal and external meetings. All business travel has been postponed.

-We have placed restrictions on outside visitors to our facilities.

-We have added precautions such as increased cleaning of all our sites.

-We are regularly communicating with our supply and transport partners and will notify you of events that may affect the delivery of your orders.

-Please inform us if you are not ready to receive our shipments at this time.

Iris ID will continue to closely monitor this situation and update you if there are  any changes. Meanwhile, please contact your sales representative with any questions you may have.

Charles Koo
President & CEO
Iris ID Systems, Inc.