Planet Biometrics took time out to speak to Mohammed Murad, Iris ID’s vice president of global business development and sales, about the increasing prevalence of the modality and its important new application areas.

Can you tell us about Iris ID’s history as a company, its ethos and global outlook?

Iris ID developed the first commercial iris recognition systems back in 1997, but our history stretches back into the early 1990s. Since our founding the company has made continual progress in developing devices and solutions that can meet the needs of our customers.

Crucially, we have been always focussed on iris recognition. We never wavered off to other modalities, though we have been very open partners with other modalities.

We work very closely with other vendors who provide complementary solutions and technologies, other biometrics, to give our customers a comprehensive solution that incorporates all three major modalities in one application.

Through our history of over 20 years of innovation in iris recognition, we have developed a global footprint. We have a sales presence in North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia and in Asia, as well as in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We also have development and innovation centres located in North America, Korea and India.

As we know biometrics is a fast-moving industry, how would you describe your approach to innovation and staying on the leading edge?

Iris ID believes the best forms of innovations comes through a sustained focus. We focus entirely on growing our business and innovation through new iris recognition solutions. It is vital that we maintain and prioritise our engineering team.

The company has very long tenures with the key members of our engineering team. We listen to our customers and make every effort to ensure that when they ask for something, we pay attention and deliver a solution for their needs ­– often within an entirely new product cycle. It is important to push the envelope to make sure that our customers remain satisfied.

Can you give us an example of a scenario where iris recognition can’t be rivalled?

Well, we can say that iris recognition is the only modality that can comfortably authenticate identification in very, very large populations where other modalities may have challenges.

Iris recognition also has unique advantages in walk-up scenarios, in capturing images at a certain distance. And this also extends into mobile solutions, where other modalities are limited.

In addition, the iris recognition products in our portfolio, can definitely fulfil many other application requirements. (read more)