By Mohammed Murad

A leading financial institution in the Middle East and North Africa, Qatar National Bank, recently received an award from Asian Banker magazine for deploying the “Best Biometrics Initiative, Application or Program in Qatar.”

The bank’s Biometric Eyes (IRIS) Scan ATM program, using technology from Iris ID, is the first of its type in Qatar. QNB customers may access their accounts at bank ATMs without the need to use a bank card or remember a PIN. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic makes the contactless Iris ID technology even more significant as passing disease from one customer to the next via a keypad has been eliminated.

Registering a customer’s irises into the QNB database requires a one-stop registration at a branch office. It takes customers less than two minutes to have a digital picture of their irises taken and converted into a small template. To access the ATM, customers look into a built-in reader to confirm their identification. The process takes about a second.

QNB has consistently shown a commitment to deliver innovative premium services to its customers. The quick and easy-to-use the Iris ID recognition system is ideal for use by any financial institution.

The bank, Qatar’s largest, operates more than 600 branches, subsidiaries and associates in 27 countries.

Contact Iris ID for more information on how the IrisAccess recognition solution is used for access control, time and attendance, national ID programs, border crossings, voter registration and many other applications.

(Mohammed Murad is vice president, global sales and business development, Iris ID)