Part 4

By Mohammed Murad

Global air travel organizations and airports worldwide agree that biometric systems using iris-based recognition technologies offer the solutions to tame the wasted time and confusion currently facing passengers.

That begs the question of which iris biometric provider is ready with the proven technology to meet the demands of new airport systems. We contend Iris ID is that provider and here’s why.

For nearly 25 years, Iris ID has pioneered and led the commercialization of iris recognition technology for access control, time and attendance, border crossings and national ID programs. Iris ID systems protected critical facilities, including government buildings, scientific research laboratories, data centers, major universities and more. Iris ID’s IrisAccess technology, now in its sixth generation, is the world’s most deployed iris-based platform. It’s used on six continents, daily authenticating the identities of millions of people – more than all other iris-based products combined.

Major international airports in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East successfully use Iris ID technology in self-serve kiosks, at immigration counters and speed gates to move people quickly, conveniently and accurately through security and customs lines. All airports should include biometric identity options. Iris ID technology also is used to authenticate peoples’ identities at border control checkpoints worldwide.

Expect greater improvements in the speed, convenience and accuracy of authenticating traveler identities as Iris ID soon introduces a new multimodal biometric system.

Iris ID solutions seamlessly integrate with leading enterprise access control platforms and strengthen the bridge between physical and logical security. Together, the iris and access control systems provide an end-to-end solution for managing building and computer network access. With an Iris ID system, there is no need for employees or passengers to remember and frequently change passwords – often the weakest link in any security plan.

As an opt-in technology, Iris ID systems protect people’s privacy. Our systems are touchless, an essential consideration during a global pandemic. And our systems are easy to use with readers that automatically accommodate each person’s height.

Iris ID continues to push the technology’s boundaries, making its iris recognition systems the ideal choice for curb-to gate airport application requiring fast, simple-to-use and highly accurate identity authentication.