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Podcast: Georgia Southern Adds Iris Readers


The commons’ iris-based ID authentication system became so popular with students the university recently added a reader to access the campus’ recreation center, which already included

fingerprint readers. Wynn said the iris readers are used three times as often due to their speed and convenience. Since the first Iris ID reader was installed in August 2013, the systems has been used more than 3 million times (listen here)

France: Protecting an International Research Center


CERN selected an iris-recognition system from Iris ID to replace existing fingerprint readers for identityauthentication.
Along with greater speed and accuracy, the iris-based system was judged to be more

hygienic and capable of supporting a large-scale application.CERN had 55 iris readers installed at the main entry and access points to certain work areas along the 27-kilometer circular Large Hadron Collider. (read more)


Somaliland: A Vote for BIometrics


One of the many biometric vendors surveyed during the study was Iris ID. During the field study, its iris-recognition camera and software application helped to register thousands of voters in a test phase. After the study, the NEC identified the product 

 as the most effective technology for registration, and, in March 2015 Iris ID was awarded the contract. The iris is the colored part of the eye, contains unique characteristics that make it nearly impossible to confuse with that of another individual.(read more)


India: National Identity Program Tops 1 Billion Enrollees
Iris ID, a leading provider of iris biometric technology, has
been involved in the program since its inception in 2010. From the beginning, Iris ID provided technology
advice to the UIDAI technical committee on the benefits of and
usability of iris technology.
Iris ID participated in the initial pilot project and helped the UIDAI organization to set iris technology standards. (read more)