Transportation & Immigration

In 2001, the world learned how serious a security breach at an airport can be. Deployment of the Iris ID IrisAccess can control access to the sensitive areas of an airport’s operation, including tarmac, baggage and non-public areas. The technology would also allow flight crew and airline personnel to be easily identified and granted access to appropriate areas.
The future will see increasing numbers of consumers enrolled in “trusted traveler” programs. Supervised enrollment will allow these known low risk travelers to be given authentication credentials to facilitate their movement throughout the airport, freeing immigration and customs officials to focus attention on unknown travelers – helping to increase productivity and ensure the safety of the airport, personnel and aircraft.
It’s also expected that the Iris ID IrisAccess will contribute to increased satisfaction with the travel experience. Program-enrolled travelers will get accelerated clearance in and out of the airport, and kiosk ticketing mechanisms using iris technology, such as those in the prototype stage by IBM and SITA, will allow airlines to streamline baggage control, more accurately monitor and manage frequent flyer benefits, boarding passes, and ticketing, particularly on preferential fare ticketing.