Biometric Privacy Statement
Iris ID is a global leader in recognition technology and is committed to data privacy and transparency. Iris ID has prepared this Biometric Privacy Statement to inform and educate customers, potential customers, product users, and members of the public regarding Iris ID’s biometric data practices.

About Biometrics
The term “biometrics” refers to unique characteristics about each of us which may be used to quickly, efficiently, and safely identify us. Biometrics include identifiers such as retina or iris scans, fingerprints, voiceprints, and scans of hand or face geometry. Data about one’s biometrics, such as data about one’s iris scan, is often referred to as “biometric information.” Generally, biometric information does not include other types of information that may be used to identify a person, such as writing samples, written signatures, photographs, biological samples, demographic data, tattoo descriptions, or physical descriptions such as height, weight, hair color, or eye color. Biometric information also means information that is based upon an individual’s biometric identifiers, such as an iris scan that may be converted into a special format or stored using certain technology.

About Our Products
Biometric information is used in numerous applications and products across a variety of industries and contexts.  Our products similarly span a range of applications, including access control, time and attendance, public safety, criminal justice, transportation, immigration, and national identity. Our products are used to ensure appropriate access to organizations from data centers to airports to primary schools. Our products keep track of employee time and hours, identify incarcerated individuals, and facilitate airline staff to be easily and securely granted access to appropriate areas.

This Biometric Privacy Statement applies to all of our current products, except as may be set forth otherwise.

Our Biometric Information Principles
Iris ID is in the business of making life and commerce easier, more secure, and more efficient. We are committed to the secure, compliant, and appropriate use of our products by our customers. Our approach to these commitments is set forth in the following principles:

  • Consent: Customers should collect biometric information only after obtaining consent to do so. Consent should be clear and understandable. Consent is collected and retained by the customer purchasing and using the Iris ID product.
  • Transparency: Individuals have a right to know what information a product collects about them and how customers use such information.
  • Customer Control: Customers have sole responsibility for the deployment of Iris ID products in a safe, compliant, and appropriate manner. Customers have sole control over the use, disclosure, safeguarding, and retention of the biometric information they collect using Iris ID products.
  • Products, Not Data: Iris ID is a designer, manufacturer, and service provider. But we don’t access, receive, or hold biometric information. We don’t ask for it, we don’t want it, and we don’t get it.

Customer Expectations
Iris ID has high standards for itself, its vendors, and its customers who purchase and use our products. The following outlines what we expect from our customers in terms of biometric information:

Transmission to Iris ID: Customers may not disclose any biometric information, or make any biometric information available, to Iris ID.

Customer Control: Customers are solely responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, and maintenance of biometric information and for compliance with all applicable laws.

Notice & Consent: Customers who use our products to collect biometric information from individuals should ensure that such individuals are properly notified of, and consent to, the collection. 

Disclosure: Iris ID expects that its customers will not disclose biometric information without consent or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Legal and Policy Compliance: At all times, we expect customers to use and disclose biometric information in full compliance with applicable law, privacy policies, and consents.

Retention: Customers should retain biometric information only until the initial purpose for collecting or obtaining such biometric information has been satisfied, unless a longer period is required by law.

Safeguards: Customers should use a reasonable standard of care to store, transmit, and safeguard biometric information.

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