Jamesburg, NJ- LG Electronics USA-Iris Technology Division and Integrated Engineering (IE), a Dutch developer and manufacturer of high quality contactless smart card solutions announced a new collaboration to integrate IE’s new state of the art card readers with LGE’s Iris Technology for use in ICAO-compliant travel documents and a new generation of electronic authentication-purposed passports in development around the world.

The two companies will initially work to combine two new products unveiled at ISC West: LG’s third generation of IrisAccess™, the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and Integrated Engineering’s new e-Document (T=CL) reader, which was rated the fastest and most versatile OS independent ePassport reader tested at the ICAO interoperability trials in Japan last March, to provide a new standard in performance and versatility for border control and immigration management.

LG’s new IrisAccess 4000 and IrisAccess 4100 are purpose-built to device-embed smartcard readers, offering attractive, efficiently integrated two-factor authentication. The new line of auto-focus two-eye capture cameras also contains facial recognition ready cameras and illuminators for multi-modal biometric use. Both the IrisAccess 4000 and the IrisAccess 4100 incorporate the robust LG countermeasures suite even experts in the field concede sets standards for the industry. Integrated Engineering’s new e-Document (T=CL) reader quickly reads biometric and other pertinent data stored in smart chips embedded in a new electronic and biometrically-enhanced passport. It reads both ISO 14443 A and B chips from multiple manufacturers, such as Philips, Infineon, Sharp and ST. This reader is already tested and fully ICAO-compliant and supports data transfer rates up to 848 kbps using a USB 2.0 interface.

Mohammed Murad, LG’s Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances said. “Our new IrisAccess 4000 series is precisely what specifiers and developers of Border Control and National ID programs have been looking for. The high accuracy of iris recognition and the most user-friendly interfaces in the business provide the lowest FTE (failure to enrol) and FRR (false reject rates) LG was first to acknowledge the desire for multi-factor token-based authentication. We developed the first protocol to check for existing records and issue smart cards ‘out of the box’ as part of our basic software suite. Now this generation of IrisAccess not only has new iData™ software to issue more varieties of cards out of the box, the readers themselves are device-embedded. The chip reading versatility of the readers and Integrated Engineering’s expertise and commitment adds extraordinary range to the LG Identity Chek™ solution set.”

JP Hulsker, Managing Director of the Netherlands-based smartcard technology powerhouse remarked “The new relationship with LG’s Iris Technology Division portends to be an extraordinarily formidable technology collaboration between two companies with global reach and a global customer base. With the combination of these two leading platforms within their respective technologies, our customers can be assured of the best possible solution?something essential when one person, or a small group of people slipping through a security net can wreak havoc. The fact that the platform will deliver the highest confidence authentication with iris and the wide variety of passport chips our readers enable while providing the capability to add the facial recognition that so many nations and ICAO also wants, make this the most natural of fits for one of the most important components of our business..”

Integrated Engineering and LG will also collaborate to embed IE’s DESFire GSC V2.1 compliant readers, fully compliant with the Medium Security Profile of GSC-IS 2.1/PACS (TIG) and FIPS 201 PIV II aka CAC (Common Access Card) for use in Federal Government physical access control applications. ISO 14443-4 Mifare DESFire readers used for physical access control (serial number, sector, sector + PIN, read/write) and other products supporting multiple chips and antennas in various housings will also be embedded in IrisAccess 4000 range product. Readers using Integrated Engineering’s patented technique that allows Flash programming of readers in the field to read the full ISO14443 line, including Mifare® A & B, DESFire, ProX and SmartMX technology will also be part of the eventual solution set.

About LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division

LG Electronics, a principal component of South Korea’s LG Corp. has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997. Today the US-based LG Iris Technology Division has global responsibility for all of the Company’s iris recognition activities. LG IrisAccess® is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons. More people look to LG IrisAccess® for iris-based authentication than to all other iris recognition products combined. To find out more, visit www.lgiris.com.