By Mohammed Murad

Expect to see a move away from contact-based biometric time and attendance systems as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes at a time as biometric systems, many using fingerprint recognition, are gaining in popularity among public and private organizations.

Research studies have shown that viruses and germs can be passed from person to person by touching the same hard surface like the ones on a fingerprint-based time clock. That led to members of the New York City Police Department, to protest the use of fingerprint time clocks. The NYPD has since suspended the used of fingerprint biometrics at its headquarters.

However, that doesn’t mean organizations still can’t enjoy the speed, accuracy and convenience of a biometric system. IrisTime is a new, dual biometric iris and facial recognition timeclock. It quickly authenticates employee identity and works with hundreds of existing Android- based time and attendance apps – along with other custom solutions yet to be designed. IrisTime helps process payroll and calculate benefits such as health, disability and vacation. And the contactless platform eliminates the fear of spreading disease.

Also it virtually eliminates payroll fraud even in challenging time-keeping locations such as construction and agricultural sites, restaurants and healthcare facilities. Check out the IrisTime news release for more information on this timeclock for the modern workforce.

 (Mohammed Murad is vice president, global sales and business development, Iris ID)