by Global Identification

logo_gemalto2Gemalto, a leader in digital security, announces its collaboration with LG in order to deliver smart card web server compatible handsets.

Smart card web server (SCWS) is a solution developed by the SIM industry to propose to operators a rich and portable environment to develop Multimedia SIM-based applications, and enhance the presentation and usability of their services.

Based on a tiny web server embedded in the SIM, the smart card web server makes the most of the handset embedded browser to display rich content and applications. It also powers new applications such as data synchronization between the SIM and the handset, or personalization and customization of the handset environment from the SIM.

Gemalto is working with LG to implement the BIP TCP(1) server mode into LG handsets to enable communication between the LG handsets and Smart Card Web Server. This standardized channel between the handset and the SIM is paving the way to a new kind of collaboration between the two devices that will benefit the whole mobile eco-system.