Software Upgrade Request

Request a Software Upgrade or Reissue of Software CD

To request an upgrade of software, or to request to receive a replacement copy of the software please contact the Iris ID Technical Services Group from the below link. In order to be considered for an upgrade or replacement software CD, make sure to include your full name, email address, contact phone number, Company name, end-user name and location, original CD-Key and Serial Number of the software (located on the back of the Software case). Failure to provide any of the requested information may result in a delay or denial of your request.

NOTE: A software upgrade request does not imply an increase of user license limit. This form is used for the purpose of requesting a version upgrade solely.

For more information, click here.

Software Upgrade Request
Requester Information
Current Software Information
Required for upgrade of EAC software. The request can not be processed without this information.
Delivery Method
If FTP Download Only is selected then shipping information is not required.